Slurm Notes

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Interactive Jobs

If you want to test softwre that requires GUI, MPI/Parallel/Multiple threads using interactive jobs may be useful. Note that if you need a GUI – you’ll need to ssh with -X.

Run the following to start an interactive job:

sinteractive --ntasks 1 --nodes 1 --time 00:30:00 --mem 2GB

Once resources are allocated, you’ll notice that you’re on a different machine (allocated for your interactive session).

Jupyter notebooks + Slurm

Once are in an interactive job session you can open a jupyter notebook with the following steps:

  1. Source envs for you interactive session For example you may run the following:

    source ~/.bash_profile
    module load git/2.18.0 gcc/9.2.0 openmpi/4.0.2 python/3.8.5
    source venv/bin/activate 
  2. Setup tunnel + jupyter instance on cluster

    To do this run the following:

    ipnport=$(shuf -i8000-9999 -n1)
    ipnip=$(hostname -i)
    echo "Run on local >>> ssh -N -L $ipnport:$ipnip:$ipnport"
    jupyter-notebook --no-browser --port=$ipnport --ip=$ipnip
  3. Local connection to interactive job

    • run the command echoed above
    • open the link to the jupyer notebook (printed in the previous window)
  4. Run exit when done!

    Otherwise the job will keep running until it times out.

For convenience I have added the following to my OzStar .bash_profile

# Interactive Jupter notebooks
alias start_ijob="sinteractive --ntasks 2 --time 00:60:00 --mem 4GB"
start_jupyter () {
    ipnport=$(shuf -i8000-9999 -n1)
    ipnip=$(hostname -i)
    echo "Run on local >>>"
    echo "ssh -N -L $ipnport:$ipnip:$ipnport"
    jupcmd=$(jupyter-notebook --no-browser --port=$ipnport --ip=$ipnip)
export -f start_jupyter

Now I can start a interactive job by running start_ijob and start the jupter notebook with start_jupyter.

Plot CPU hours used for jobs

The folowing creates a file jobstats.txt that contains the CPU time (seconds) for each job run bw the start+end time specified.

sacct -S 2021-01-01 -E 2021-10-06 -u avajpeyi -X -o "jobname%-40,cputimeraw" --parsable2 > jobstats.txt 

To plot the data you can use the following:

Total CPU hours I’ve used (‘19-‘22)
Avi Vajpeyi
Avi Vajpeyi
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My research focuses on utilising Bayesian inference to the study gravitational waves from merging black holes.